Classic and Antique Cars

There are three types of automobile insurance available today: Actual Cash Value (ACV), Stated Value, and Agreed Value. ACV coverage is what insures most everyday cars; these vehicles are insured for purchased or book value and will be depreciated in the event of a claim. Stated Value insurance is what large companies and some specialty insurers use to insure collectible cars; it is better than ACV coverage because it allows you to “state’ a value for your car that might be higher than its purchased or book value. But Stated Value can still depreciate cars because these companies only have to pay “up to” the “stated” amount. Only Agreed Value insurance absolutely guarantees you will get all of your money back in the event of a total loss.

What is agreed value coverage?

Agreed value guarantees that you will receive every dime of what you insured your car for in the event of a total loss. Not every kind of insurance can guarantee this, most policies will only pay up to that amount or some pro rated amount. Whenever you insure a collector car, please make sure you have Agreed Value.

What about only one liability charge?

We know that in the world of collector cars, owning more than one at a time is quite common. That’s why with us, you only pay one liability charge for the entire collection – whether you have 2 classics or 200. Why this “all you can eat” approach? Simply put, no matter how many cars you may own, the last time we checked, you can still only drive one at a time.

What happens if I have a claim?

We understand that people buy insurance in case of an accident. So claim service is just as important to us as selling a policy. We administrate most claims in our home office, and we will work with the repair shop of your choice. This allows us to make sure you get the proper service you deserve.

Does my car qualify?

We insure antiques, collections, classics, show cars, trucks, classic motorcycle collections, muscle cars, exotics, and street rods & customs. Some vehicles under active restoration and some high quality replicas are eligible. Vehicles built after 1970 will be considered. Home-built kit cars, newer utility vehicles or off-road vehicles are ineligible.

How can I use my collector car?

We recognize that owners of collector vehicles like to drive them, as well as collect them. Unlike some specialty insurance programs, we are very flexible about how you use your collector cars. As long as you have regular daily transportation for work, errands, etc., and that car is insured, you are free to drive your collector car in a manner consistent with owning a valuable automobile.

Why our Clients deserve the best?

Our program is based on one simple principle- that classic car owners are the safest, most conscientious drivers an earth. And they own the most pampered cared-for vehicles on the road. Consequently we can reward our clients with the most comprehensive insurance coverage allowable by law – at perhaps the lowest rates in the business.